How We Got Started

Being one of the leading makeup artist in the Asian bridal industry for over nine year I found that I was always struggling to find the perfect lashes for my clients. So after much fruitless searching I decided to launch my own brand of lashes that could deliver on my high expectations.

From the offset  I wanted to develop lashes that were radically  different  and of high quality which, could  be reused multiple times. At the same time I wanted them to be completely cruelty free. These two factors lead  me to use high-quality synthetic fibres for the lashes. The synthetic fibre are of such high quality that they are often mistaken as Mink lashes because of their soft fibres. We don’t stop there,  to give the lashes high definition 3D effect, we double stacked them on a  natural cotton band resulting in flawless end product.

This attention to detail is also reflected in the lash boxes themselves. Like the lashes they are made from high quality materials, from the embossed logo to the unmistakable “click” of the magnetic lid ensuring they could be reused just like the lashes.

All of this care and attention to detail  has resulted in very high grade end product.